Dr. Jaime Venezia, DVM, MPH

Dr. VeneziaMy passion for both animal and human health and well-being is what attracted me to a career in veterinary medicine. What makes this field unique is that providing care to my patients essentially improves the lives of their owners, and thus strengthens the human-animal bond.

My journey to becoming a veterinarian began with obtaining my master's degree in public health, and then realizing my desire to combine this field with veterinary medicine. I received my DVM from Cornell University and went on to pursue post-doctorate studies in comparative medicine at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These experiences helped me to understand the interface between human and animal health, thus allowing me to develop an integrative approach to treating my patients. Worth Street Veterinary Center practices this same philosophy, and that is what makes being a part of this team very exciting and unique. Another aspect of veterinary medicine that interests me is rehabilitation and pain management. Having been an athlete all my life, I am passionate about exploring the role of helping the body to heal and strengthen itself through different natural modalities, and developing multi-modal novel approaches to pain management. I strongly believe that optimization of body function and movement lends itself to improving quality of life.

Outside of work, you will most likely find me running - I am a long distance runner and enjoy marathons and racing. I also practice hot yoga and love being outdoors, especially spending time at the beach in the summertime.