Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic ServicesModern technology has helped tremendously in providing high-resolution diagnostic images that facilitate a more precise diagnosis. Keeping pace with emerging technologies, Worth Street Veterinary Center uses on-site digital radiography to create quick and accurate images that minimize radiation exposure and the use of any chemicals. These images can be easily distributed to radiology specialists if a more precise diagnosis is needed. We have expanded our dental health services by adding on-site digital dental radiography as well, which allows us to perform the highest quality dental care for our patients. At WSVC, we have the capacity to perform in-house abdominal and cardiac ultrasounds, which allow us to see internal organs and help us detect diseases not obvious during an external exam. We are also able to perform diagnostic endoscopic evaluations that allow us to view a live image of difficult-to-access areas of the body and obtain tissue samples for analysis at the laboratory. These non-invasive services are performed with the assistance of a highly trained internal medicine specialist.