Pet Wellness Services in Tribeca

Annual Examination and Wellness

Annual Examination and Wellness Services for pets in new york cityYearly physical examinations are essential for maintaining your companion's good health. These examinations enable us to diagnose health problems early, making treatment more effective, less involved, and ultimately less costly for you. During these comprehensive examinations, in addition to evaluating your pet's overall health, we also assess their nutritional needs, lifestyle, environment, and weight. We then have a personal discussion with you regarding our findings, answer any questions you have, and provide you with a written report if requested. An immunization program is then customized for your companion's specific needs. For your convenience, we also offer dropoff examinations; during these visits, we offer Skype video examinations if you are unable to be present.

Integrative and Holistic Medicine

At the Worth Street Veterinary Center we believe that the integration of multiple medical modalities is the most efficient way to customize a treatment plan that takes the patient's body, mind and environmental factors into consideration. So, whether a pet needs an advanced surgery or even a cancer therapy, whenever possible, our patients and clients will be offered a combination of advanced medicine, nutritional therapy, botanical alternatives, acupuncture, and natural supplements.

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