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Mitchell Green, VMD, USDA Accredited 

Mitchell Green
Back in my hometown in Central New Jersey, I loved two things: animals, and people; especially the people who played for the New York Giants. I knew I could not become an NFL player, but I did know I could spend my life helping animals. I thus easily decided to pursue my passion for animals academically.
While attending the University of Maryland College Park for Animal Science, I worked alongside industry veterans as a technician at Red Bank Animal Hospital – the same hospital I had the honor of interning with during my graduate career at the University of Pennsylvania College of Veterinary Medicine. Through my fortune of working alongside some of the most highly regarded specialists and animal lovers alike, I developed a well-rounded approach to veterinary medicine that aligned wonderfully with Worth Street Veterinary Center’s culture. I was especially drawn to the WSVC collaborative approach to both ends of the leash – the human and the pet.
When I am not in the hospital, you may find me on the west coast skiing down the slopes or back down The Jersey Shore diving through a wave. Though I do like to consider myself an athlete -my Doodle, Riley, and I enjoy catching the professionals on tv. That is if we are not out and about exploring the multicultural foodscape of NYC.