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About Us

Worth Street Veterinary Center is not your typical corporate owned veterinary practice.
Since 2010 we have been privately owned and operated and have maintained the same goal: to provide the best veterinary experience for you and your pet with a focus on individualized care in a warm and friendly environment. We are passionate about the human-animal bond and are proud to be the only AAHA accredited practice in lower Manhattan.

To learn more about what this important achievement means, please visit AAHA.org

Our Staff

Francisco DiPolo

Francisco DiPolo
DVM, CVA, CCRT, USDA Accredited

For over 20 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to practice doing what I love. As a veterinarian at Worth Street Veterinary Center, I am honored to help make a difference in the lives of pets and their human companions. During my training rotations at Tufts University, that concluded in 2000, I became aware of the concept of integrative veterinary medicine: the combination of conventional medicine with holistic treatments to promote optimal health. This philosophy fit perfectly with my professional…

Ashley Beard

Ashley Beard
DVM, CCRT, USDA Accredited 

Growing up on a small farm in New Jersey, my love for animals and their care started at a young age. Originally interested in large animal medicine, I began working as a technician in a small animal clinic while pursuing my undergraduate degree, and quickly realized companion animal medicine was my passion. After completing my veterinary degree at Tufts University, I began to practice medicine in Jersey City, NJ. While there, I was able to further develop my surgical skills and management of a wide variety of medical cases…
Mitchell Green

Mitchell Green

Back in my hometown in Central New Jersey, I loved two things: animals, and people; especially the people who played for the New York Giants. I knew I could not become an NFL player, but I did know I could spend my life helping animals. I thus easily decided to pursue my passion for animals academically.
While attending the University of Maryland College Park for Animal Science, I worked alongside industry veterans as a technician at Red Bank Animal Hospital – the same hospital I had the honor of interning with during my graduate career at the University of Pennsylvania college of Veterinary Medicine…
Katie Gerber DVM - Worth Street Veterinary

Alexandra Pietrzyk

DVM, USDA Accredited 

After growing up with a menagerie of animals ranging from dogs and cats to horses and snakes, it seemed the natural choice to enter a career in veterinary medicine. I always had a special affinity with animals, and as a young child, had a penchant for bringing home strays. I became more serious about them after traveling extensively and seeing my beloved cat and dog friends homeless, sick or injured… 

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