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Scarlett Boulting, DVM, USDA Accredited

Ashley Worth Street Veterinary

Having always held a deep love for animals, I made a pivotal decision to transition from a 9-year career in design to pursue my true passion—becoming a veterinarian. This transformation was fueled by my unwavering sense of purpose and dedication to animal well-being.

Despite my background in the arts, I enthusiastically embraced the scientific challenge that lay ahead. I took the step to enroll at Columbia University, where I diligently completed the prerequisites that would serve as the building blocks for my veterinary journey.

Continuing my pursuit, I embarked on my veterinary education at Cornell University. Following that, I finished a Small Animal Surgery and Medicine Rotating Internship at the ASPCA Animal Hospital in NYC. This experience marked a significant milestone in my professional path, allowing me to refine my skills and reaffirm my commitment to providing compassionate care to animals in need.

One of the defining aspects of my career is my alignment with the philosophies of WSVC, where I am proud to work. I wholeheartedly endorse the clinic’s unwavering commitment to gold-standard care, the positive and collaborative atmosphere, as well as the strong sense of camaraderie among the staff. The clinic’s dedication to partnering with local rescues resonates deeply with me, as this cause holds a special place in my heart.

Within the realm of veterinary medicine, my passion for dermatology stands out prominently. This interest was nurtured during my time working with Cornell’s esteemed Dermatology team, which left a lasting impression on me during my veterinary education. I firmly believe that an animal’s skin offers a unique insight into their overall health, and dermatology plays a crucial role in understanding their well-being. Additionally, I hold a strong interest in internal medicine, surgery, and ultrasonography.

Despite my professional journey, I remain true to my artistic spirit. Alongside my husband and our beloved pup, Rudy, we often explore art exhibits and gallery openings, indulging in the world of creative expression. Escaping to nature and hiking are also activities that bring me immense joy and balance.

Above all, the most rewarding aspect of my journey as a veterinarian is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on both animals and humans. My empathetic approach is rooted in my personal experiences as a devoted pet owner who has faced uncertainties and challenges. Today, armed with expertise and a deep understanding, I am dedicated to providing clarity, guidance, and unwavering support to the animals entrusted to my care, as well as the humans who cherish them.