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Work with us

We are looking for a superb veterinary technician to join our busy AAHA accredited practice in downtown NYC. We operate an advanced facility built and managed in an environmentally conscious way, and our management team is fully focused on making our employees proud to be part of this venture and providing a nurturing workplace where the team can have fun and challenge themselves to improve their skill sets. Our ideal candidate must be passionate about helping people and pets by offering above and beyond nursing care, must have rock-solid work ethics, and be upbeat and friendly. We offer an opportunity to develop your skills and be the best you can be, while you help us grow. This position requires solid nursing knowledge, excellent attention to detail and technical skills such as:

1- Being comfortable with venipuncture and intravenous catheterization.
2- Understanding and being comfortable participating and monitoring anesthesia.
3- Analyzing pets’ behavior and using proper restraint techniques to minimize stress.
4- Proficiency administering medication via oral and injectable routes.
5- Understanding and adhering to aseptic protocols.
6- Monitoring vital parameters and being able to provide feedback and updates of patients under their care.
7 – Being comfortable interacting with clients and communicating medical plans and updates.

We offer an environment where our patients and clients feel truly cared for, and we understand that the role of the technician is vital for the delivery of this level of care. If you have what it takes to be a team player with a smile on your face, please respond to this ad with your resume, salary expectations and cover letter. We won’t consider any candidates without all these items.